Real Life - with Ben Kewin

'A masterful display of tight writing, performance and a great deal of lunacy.'
' of the most engrossing pieces of live comedy we’ve ever seen'

Real Life is one man's answer to everyone's problems.

Meet Ben Kewin: a man who believes that with enough passion, strength and charm, he can single-handedly teach us how to live a better life. His ambitious and imaginative mission is to educate and inspire people through the art and craft of performance.

"Using all of the performance styles, I present a series of staggeringly beautiful plays and readings that help the audience to understand the things that can sometimes be hard to understand unless they have seen a play about them."

Aiming high and asking only big questions, he revels in sharing an intimate and diverse collection of stories and ideas. Exploring universal themes of love and loss, honor and corruption, imagination and fantasy, heroism and hope, he promises great insights and profound answers. In the words of the man himself...

"Being big and strong and powerful and relaxed is easy, but what about the less important things... like understanding, caring and crying?

The power of theatre enables us to explore these emotions together so we don't have to talk about them in real life. I want to make people cry. That's why my work is important.

Let's begin..."

Photos by Tim Power

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Taking us on a dark and hopefully upsetting journey, he finds love answering calls for the Samaritans, plays 'all of the parts' in a cool 80's cop show, makes people better as a 'female nurse' and battles through a fantasy world as mythical hero 'Wand'n'Sword', complete with his own soundtrack.

But is he really an artist, or are his motives more sinister?

Through the desperate struggle to understand and control his job, his relationships with women, with God and the Universe, and with "Putting things away... properly!", he manipulates the feelings of everyone around him - including his audience.

This is what you must consider when invited to join him, and ask - is your life Real Life?

"You are invited... especially if you're important!"

This critically acclaimed one-man show was first performed at Gorilla in Manchester and Hen and Chickens in London, in March 2014. It will be further developed at the Royal Exchange Studio in Manchester, for performance on Friday 24th July 2015, followed by a performance in London, at Camden People's Theatre, on Monday 27th July.

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